Lizardman with Spear #2




This guy is hungry to get into battle and kill the enemy.

Armed with a stone tipped spear and your choice of either an open left hand (as shown in the pic above) or a turtle shell shield for added protection.

  • This model comes with two left hands – the plain hand you see in the pic above and one holding a turtle shell shield.
  • Customize and add variety to this model by adding the Lizardman Weapons Pack (see picture 2) to your purchase today.

If you play Age of Sigmar, this guy makes for a perfect Saurus proxy model. Or, if you scale it down, he could be a Skink proxy model – email us for a quote on scaling this model down to skink size.

Model Height: 33mm

Base Size: 32mm

  • Scaled to fit with 28mm models but we can scale this model up or down to fit your needs. Contact us today with your special request.
  • Printed in our proprietary blend of high quality resin for maximum detail and excellency.
  • As with all 3D Printed items, item may have small imperfections and/or print lines. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us immediately.
  • Model supplied unpainted and may require some assembly. All 3D Printed items may require sanding and we highly recommend priming prior to painting.
  • Items used for scale are not included in this purchase. Items may include a die, other minis, etc. If you are unsure of what you are receiving, please contact us prior to ordering.
  • ARTIST: Print Your Monsters. is an authorized printer of Print Your Monsters.


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