Lizardmen Elite Unit – Pack of 3



These Lizardmen elites are the perfect bodyguards for important characters like the Shaman or other bosses you have planned for your unsuspecting poor adventurers.

  • This pack contains one (1) of each model shown in the pic for a total of three (3) models.
  • Includes an extra set of right hands for the club wielding model – the plain hand you see in the pic above and one holding a turtle shell shield.
  • Customize and add variety to this model by adding the Lizardman Weapons Pack (see picture 2) to your purchase today.

If you play Age of Sigmar, then these make for the perfect proxy models for Saurus Guard.

Model Height: Two models are 40mm tall and one model is 47mm tall.

Base Size: 32mm

  • Scaled to fit with 28mm models but we can scale these models up or down to fit your needs. Contact us today with your special request.
  • Printed in our proprietary blend of high quality resin for maximum detail and excellency.
  • As with all 3D Printed items, item may have small imperfections and/or print lines. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us immediately.
  • Models supplied unpainted and may require some assembly. All 3D Printed items may require sanding and we highly recommend priming prior to painting.
  • Items used for scale are not included in this purchase. Items may include a die, other minis, etc. If you are unsure of what you are receiving, please contact us prior to ordering.
  • ARTIST: Print Your Monsters. is an authorized printer of Print Your Monsters.


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